the magic of analogue photography

arte io allla camera.jpg



FUJIFILM      ISO:200     24mm    F/1,8    1/125Sek

I’m here again I write or rather here is my reflection on “how to capture emotions” (if possible). Being a photographer, there are countless times when I would have liked to have stopped the “moment”, the moment; never end it because it was simply magical, because full of emotions. But the question I often ask myself is whether it is possible to capture emotions. I do not actually know in material terms whether this “thing” is possible, but I know that in every shot there is emotion. For this reason, before capturing the emotions, I certainly commit myself to living them. If an emotion feels it is better to live it.. As a great photographer says ”It is an illusion that photos are taken with the camera… they are made with games, with the heart, with the head.”

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