Fujifilm     28mm    ISO:100    F/8    1/125 Sek

Concentrate on a point in your mind (where vacuum reigns) and use all the brain energy you have to form something, exactly there. Strive, forward, even further! That’s it! A light bulb is on above your head. It’s an idea. The starting point is the one that has been passed on to us by friends, professors, relatives and ancestors. Our knowledge is formed mostly by oral means: whether something is handed down from the past, through the voice of the dead, or told about the moment, we are there to welcome it or throw it into the ground. Starting from all this we (I do not know, yes, you) form our ideas, or at least the shoots of them, those immature principles ready to be cultivated real ideals. The ideas that we are aware and consenting to follow, for those who have not understood. The point is to see how willing we are to share them and let others influence them. This is a different light. Not only that of the light bulb that appears in the darkness of the mind, after the immense effort that you have made, but also that of a lighthouse that we can address wherever we want. It does not aim for the future in search of continuous progress or improvement, but it becomes aware of what is present, of what we are now. Look inside, turning your eyes backwards: you have a chandelier/brain! With various bulbs off some time ago, but still hung. Dampen them, screw them in well and see if your life really reflects them properly. Ideas work like bulbs, we used to say: they light up where it was previously dark. Close your eyes. Squeeze the meninges until the smoke comes out of your ears.
For this reason, my dear readers, if you have ideas cultivated, do not let them die; because without ideas we will feel without creativity.
This is why I leave you with this image in which we can see that the symmetry does not match the background.
The light bulb seen as a creative symbol, the focus as imagination, this means that it takes time to focus on an idea, but when we manage to focus on it we will be able to interpret the real message behind an image.

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