Fujifilm    28mm     ISO:100    F/2.8      1/125 Sek


Dear readers and dear readers, today I want to post this photo in which we can see a work wall with lots of tools. I took this photo in a workshop and made me think a lot. To take a good photograph it is not enough to have only a good room, but above all a good imagination, a good perspective of things, creativity and so on. All these things I want to compare with tools. Already. As a mechanic has his English key, every photographer has his tools (physical and not) indispensable! All of us have a wall with all our hanging tools. But all these tools I want to compare them to our life, each of us starts with a wall that seems empty, but only time, experience, sacrifices allow us to fill our wall with a lot of “tools” but not just need to fill it but we must be able to know how to take care of it.


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