arte antonio




Fujifilm     50mm     ISO:1600    F/8,0      1,60Sek


My dear readers today I want to post these two portraits of my colleague in which we can see that in the first one the face is totally blurred in contrast to the second. Today I want to ask you to write to me what you think when looking at this blurred face; like in any portrait, people fantasy with their minds by making strange faces or expressions: don’t be ashamed to show you how you are, don’t hide your sensitivity, don’t hide your imperfections, don’t worry about what others say. Life is one, you cannot spend it hiding from it for fear of others’ judgment. Be yourself. Selfie is to manipulate the experience of life not to tell the truth, but to write a story. In portraits the faces are not faces, but gestures, will, messages; a portrait has an enormous communicative power, and in addition it is “universal and immediate. It reaches everyone and does not need any explanation. Not only narcissus. Behind the self-timer is a new way of telling oneself and an ancient desire. At the moment, therefore, the fields remain conceptually and formally distinct: on the one hand, the narcissistic dimension of self-service; on the other hand, the psychological digging of the self-portrait. The same difference between fashion and art. Selfie has to do with aesthetic and self-referential complacency, with a momentary mood or physical state of mind, and represents a narcissistic affirmation of vanity. The self-portrait, on the other hand, is a slow digging work in one’s personality.
Nor is it true that all the people who post selfie are insecure, seeking confirmation to strengthen self-esteem. In fact, there are many other motivations that push people to post selfie: it is a real form of communication.

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