Souls of road


Fujifilm     ISO:12800    24mm     F/2,8     1/125 Sek

I live in this city since i was a child, I lived all my childhood here, then I started to travel,  visiting places since I love to visit new places (who does not like to travel!). But for six years I have been suffering from states of anxiety since I can no longer leave this city. And tonight as every evening as I was returning home as every day I found myself in front of this scene and I wanted to immortalize because for a moment I felt like being in another city and for a moment I didn’t feel “sick”anymore. With this my dear readers I want to let you understand how by simply changing the perspective things and with a camera we can see things that the normal eye cannot see only with your creativity and imagination!

Autumn sunsets

arte strada_.jpg

Fujifilm    ISO:4000   24mm   F/2.0    1/60 Sek

The sunset is that magical moment of ending the day in the moment in which nature spreads a soft veil on the day’s races: rhythms slow down, the sky becomes coloured, peace and quiet open on our horizon, but it is also a moment in which a subtle vein of melancholy ploughs our heart… it is a moment in which nature is transmitting emotional messages to our ego. You know, it’s ingenious that the days end. It is an ingenious system. The days and then the nights. And again the days. It seems obvious, but there is some genius. And where nature decides to set its limits, the show explodes. The sunsets.

Moments that leave you a smile


Fujifilm    ISO:250    50 mm    F /11    1/60 Sek

I remember as if it were yesterday when I first wore these shoes; that day I felt that something would change in my life and that same day I decided to start my career as a photographer; from that moment on I have no longer separated from me. with them all the most important moments: the first joys, the first fears, the first satisfactions but also the first disappointments. I’ve always been there and today I found them abandoned and for a moment all the adventures I spent together came to mind, and that’s why I decided to immortalize them and post this photo to thank them for all the support they gave me.